the standard by which others are measured

Benchmark Retail Services Ltd provides measurable,
valuable in store marketing services for suppliers and
retailers across the UK

About Us

Benchmark – “the standard by which others are measured” and a definition which for 20 years we have lived by. Benchmark Retail Services Ltd provides valuable, measurable in store marketing services for suppliers and retailers across the UK. The management team bring 50 years commercial experience to the business and this enables our commercially astute, bespoke and creative services to drive sales and brand awareness in your chosen markets.

our services

Services We provide

Benchmark provides a full range of instore service including, Merchandising, Demonstrations, Training and POS Managment.


Our national team complete regular service calls to maintain your visibility and presentation on fixtures.

POS Manangement

From a single delivery to our central warehouse, we can handle all your POS creation and placement needs.


We deliver your key messages to store teams and can demonstrate features and benefits too.


We ensure your featured products get maximum exposure by optimising locations and replenishment.


Field Team

With over 80 team members regularly deployed across the UK, Benchmark can offer unparalleled service quickly to your target retailers. We provide an economical way of engaging stores nationally without your own people incurring substantial travel and accommodation costs. The more we work with you, the better we understand the nuances of your business and we adjust our service to best support your commercial objectives.

Client Reports

We know how good we are but how do we share that with you? Our powerful reporting platform TeamHaven provides near real time 24/7 visibility to you, making Benchmark your “eyes & ears” across the UK.

Examples of our work

No two days are ever the same for a Benchmark team member, from shelf replenishment to staff training, auditing databases and locating promotions, we provide comprehensive and skilled support where and when you need it.

3M Christmas

Christmas is a key time of year for 3M and their Command range. Benchmark supported their promotional FSDU’s across 390 stores along with installing over 900 additional clip strips to drive impulse purchases.

Skill Demonstration and Training

Benchmark were retained to complete a 100 store staff and customer training & demonstration program across B∓Q. The fantastic interactive sessions allowed staff to use first hand the new products they would be selling to customers. Support materials were also distributed as part of the calls

Rust-Oleum Dunelm

In early 2019 Benchmark installed the new Rust-Oleum paint range into Dunelm. 12 months later we then completed the update to the range in over 100 stores. Additional shelves were installed to house new and exciting products, plus the updating the very impressive POS board


FireAngel combine state of the art technology and design to deliver the most reliable and efficient smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. Benchmark completed a range update in late 2019 across 160 + Homebase stores, along with the distribution of the excellent new POS information boards

History and Heraldry

History & Heraldry are market leaders in impulse-buy and sentimental gifts. Benchmark complete visits to key garden centres and Homebase stores for them to install new display stands, then complete weekly, fortnightly and monthly follow up calls. As part of these calls we replenish the spinners and place orders

A selection of our Clients


What Our Clients Say About Us

Benchmark have supported the 3M business in the DIY sector for over 15 years, a relationship that has delivered substantial benefits to 3M’s ability to nurture ranges, promote them well, change our offer seasonally and ultimately drive sales. With a wealth of experience from both the management and regular team members across the UK, Benchmark are a key component of our marketing strategy.

Paul Worsfold

Senior National Account Manager DIY, 3M

Rust-Oleum have partnered with Benchmark Retail Services for over 10 years and they have supported the launch of all the ranges we supply to the market today. In many cases they have implemented the range review handling equipment, marketing information, building stands or displays and looking after them ongoing. It is really useful to be able to get product information around the Country quickly and the ability to ‘bank’ and release hours to support seasonal sales without budget impact is fantastic.

Matt Clifford

National Account Manager - Rust-Oleum

When we decided to launch the SKIL brand of power tools in the UK, we immediately turned to Benchmark for our store support package. From providing staff on trade stands, training store teams and selling on demonstration days, to maintaining store standards and handling POS and marketing materials, Benchmark delivered everything impeccably. Their market knowledge is second to none and they are a vital element of our UK range offer.

Ashley Senna

Sales Director Europe - Chervon
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